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How to Check Your TV Antenna

Your TV antenna is an essential part of enjoying your programs and getting a good reception. If you start to notice that your antenna appears to be having trouble with these factors, then you may decide that you need to call in the Sunshine Coast TV antenna experts. Before you reach for the number of Action Antennas, we want to give you a few tips to help you speed up the process.

Our Guide To Home TV Antennas

Start with the connections

The first place that you should always start when trying to improve reception for your antenna is in the cable connection. You can make sure that this is connected into the converter box correctly, and completely. Try checking out the TV signal at the same time.

Checking antenna position

Sometimes antennas can be moved slightly out of position by bad weather or wildlife interference. To ensure that your antenna is pointing in the right direction, just try moving it slightly you might find that you get an improved reception by lifting the antenna higher. Action Antennas might be able to advise you about the correct location for your antenna.

Try a signal booster

Another option is to try improving the power of the antenna with a signal boosting system. This is a device which can be fitted to increase the strength of the antenna signal as it travels to the converter next to your TV.

Replacing your antenna

Repairing antenna is not an easier task and need an expert technician to do it. So you may decide that you want to replace part of your antenna, or the cable that it is connected to. This can be worn down over time and may be the cause of the poor signal. Action Antennas can help you to find another suitable cable for the antenna.

Reposition your internal antenna

Some of us use internal antennas that are positioned near to the TV. We recommend trying to keep it as close to the window as possible and avoid placing it near lights or computers as these can affect the flow of the signal.

Contact the Sunshine Coast TV Antenna Experts

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