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How To Get Better TV Antenna Reception

Having poor TV reception or your TV is freezing and breaking up—especially during the footy or your favourite TV show—can be anger-inducing. But it can be solved quite easily in just a few steps. In this blog article, we go over the ways you can achieve better TV antenna reception. At Action Antennas, we’re all about TV antennas on the Sunshine Coast.

Our Top Tips For Better TV Antenna Reception On The Sunshine Coast

Antenna Position

To ensure the reception for your TV is the best it can be, ensure the antenna is elevated so that it has a clear line of sight to the closest transmission tower. This means that ideally there would be no physical obstructions (tress, buildings, etc.) between your antenna and the transmission tower. Making sure you install the TV antenna at the right position ensures a good reception.


If the antenna has been adjusted to face the transmission tower but you’re still having reception issues, then relocating it to a different position on the roof might solve the problem. This comes back to the paragraph before, where a new building might be now in the line of sight between your antenna and the nearest transmission tower.

Reset Your Tuner

Resetting your digital tuner is often an effective way of improving signal quality. The digital tuner converts incoming TV signals and converts it into a digital format in order for it to be displayed on your TV screen. You can usually find it inside the TV or part of the set-top or converter box, which is an external product that’s attached to your TV.

TV Antenna Protection

Unfortunately, weather factors such as constant sun, rain and heavy winds can deteriorate your TV antenna over time. Even if the antenna has a waterproof and sturdy frame, the connectors and screws keeping it together could be old or corroding, which can potentially cause costly repairs. In order to ensure your antenna is protected, it’s recommended you have it inspected once per year to check or repair the reception issues—especially after severe storms.


If your antenna isn’t picking up one or more towers that are positioned in a different direction, installing a second antenna can improve TV reception. If your first antenna is VHF or UHF, then having that second antenna (also known as stacking) can potentially access one or two channels in a separate frequency band.

Poor TV reception isn’t something you need to put up with. For TV Antennas on the Sunshine Coastget in touch with Action Antennas online or call us on 0407 934 343.

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