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How to install a TV antenna

While many of us get most of our entertainment from online streaming services these days, there are some things that only standard TV can provide. Whether you’ve purchased a new TV or need to replace a faulty antenna, there are many reasons why you may need to install a new one. Here is our step-by-step guide on how to install a TV antenna:

Indoor antenna installation

In some households, an indoor antenna is plenty good enough for day-to-day watching. Easier to install and practical to use, indoor antennas are far more practical to install out of the box. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to install a TV antenna indoors:

1. Look at your TV specifications

Depending on the specific TV you have, you may need a certain type of antenna. Depending on your TV, this may mean a specific kind of input, and if your TV is older, you may also need to buy a tuner. Once you know what antenna is needed for your television, you can get shopping.

2. Buy a suitable antenna

Shopping for a suitable antenna is easy. Once you know the specifications you need, and any additional equipment, you can buy an antenna easily online or at an electronics store.

3. Plug into the TV and adjust until you get a good signal

All it takes to get your TV working is to plug in the antenna, and place it somewhere you get a good signal. This may take a little manipulation, and the signal may not always be perfect in some properties. For others, an indoor antenna does all it needs to provide the signal for your TV.

Outdoor antenna installation

As an alternative to indoor antennas, outdoor antennas have the benefit of better reception. Particularly essential if you can’t get good reception inside your property to watch television. If you’re considering an outdoor antenna for your property, here’s how to install a TV antenna outdoors:

1. Invest in the materials you’ll need

Firstly, you’ll need your choice of antenna mast to carry out your installation. Once you have your mast, you’ll also need base mounts, securing wires, brackets, and sealant. You’ll also require a range of tools, including screwdrivers, a power drill, and suitable screws.

2. Choose where to put your antenna

Once you’ve got your equipment together, you can choose where you want to put your antenna. In most cases, a wall or chimney is the best option. For others, you may want to use the roof for your antenna installation.

3. Mount the antenna onto your property and ground it

When you’ve picked a spot, you then need to use the supplies you’ve purchased for installation. Your mast needs to be properly secured in place on the roof or wall. You can also ground your mast, to ensure it doesn’t attract lightning and become damaged.

4. Run the cable

Once you’ve properly secured your outdoor antenna, the final step to installation is to run the cable from your mast to your TV. Plug it in, and you can test out the signal for yourself. You can also seal up where the cable runs from the outside to the inside, weather-proofing your installation.

If you’ve got an antenna that needs installing and you’d prefer to seek professional help, you’re not alone. At Action Antennas, we offer the professional installation of antennas to keep you stress-free. Get in touch today to find out more.