Backyard Movie Theatre

How To Set Up A Backyard Movie Theatre

Have you always wanted to combine a family movie with the outdoors? With the right equipment, now you can. DIY movie theatres are becoming a popular way of enjoying a quality flick in the comfort of your own backyard. Interested in learning more or giving it a go? Keep reading!

What You’ll Need

To set up a movie theatre in your own backyard, all you’ll need is a portable projector, a screen or sheet, a sound system – and let’s not forget the popcorn.

Screens are the best surface for clear viewing, as they won’t have as many wrinkles as a sheet. If you’ve only got a sheet on hand, make sure you secure it as tightly as possible to your stand or vertical flat surface so that it’s taut.

In terms of projectors, all you need is a reliable model you use indoors. Some projectors come paired with screens, advertised as providing the best image quality, but you’ll only need to invest in those if you’re serious movie fans or are looking for a permanent fixture in your backyard.

Your sound system options can be as simple as Bluetooth audio or as complex as an outdoor speaker system – they just need to be able to compete with wind and traffic noise.

How To Set Up Your DIY Movie Theatre

Choose Your Location

The first step to watching a movie in the great outdoors is choosing where you’d like to go. Use your portable screen or sheet to set up your viewing in the garden, or use the wall of your home as a backdrop. If you’re stuck for space, your driveway might be a good option, as might stringing up your sheet using a couple of trees. And let’s not forget the pool – which can make for an optimal viewing location in summer.

Do A Sound Check

Next, set up and test your speakers or sound system.

Prepare Your Projector

A little side table or stand can be really handy for holding your projector. To watch the movie you want, simply connect your projector to your Apple TV or to your media streaming device.

Consider The Neighbours

If you live in a busy area, be mindful that what you’re watching might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Ensure you keep the sound – from both the movie and your audience – to a minimum, especially in the late hours of the night or in the early morning.

Create Some Ambience

Who says your movie viewing experience has to stop with a projector, a speaker and a screen? Why not try some blankets and outdoor cushions to keep your family and friends cosy and comfortable, or even some candles if you’re going for a romantic vibe with that special someone? Hanging fairy lights around your patio or from trees can also really set the scene – just remember to bring any non-waterproof items inside at the end. And don’t forget your snacks!

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