Satellite Dish On Top Of A Caravan

How To Watch TV While Camping?

Traditionally, camping is about spending time with family and friends and roughing it out in the great outdoors.

However, what is stopping you from taking some home trips along on the trip? Why not take TV with you, so the adults will be able to enjoy some peace and quiet whilst the children settle down with a film? Even adults can benefit from being able to watch movies in their tent occasionally after an exhausting day of hiking or when the weather turns bad.

Although watching movies in this way might not be the main attraction of your camping trip, there may still be times when you’re glad you brought the equipment and knew how to set it up.

In the modern world, we have become accustomed to relying on streaming services for our movies and television. It can be easy to think that we could just use our smart devices while camping as well, but there are issues that may prevent you from accessing streaming services.

When you are camping remotely, it is not likely that you will get a strong enough signal on your device to reliably stream movies and television. Additionally, streaming is going to chew through your batteries and you want to save your phone for more important uses.

There is a wide selection of portable satellite systems and accessories on the market today that make it simple to access television networks without relying on your mobile device. Satellite systems can be used on the VAST Platform for digital television and radio service, including channels from ABC, SBS, and the Australian commercial media.

What is the VAST platform and how can I access it?

VAST is an Australian TV (and radio) service that allows remote areas to receive digital television and radio services through a satellite network provided by telecommunications company Optus.

In addition to providing channels not yet available on free-view satellite, it will also provide a Network Ten affiliate and the multi-channel digital service.

Viewers wishing to use the service will need a VAST-certified satellite receiver (set-top box), as well as a VAST-certified smart card. The application process can be found here.

Setting up TV in caravans

As well as the VAST set-top box, you will also need a portable satellite to access these channels.

In comparison to a portable satellite receiver, a fixed satellite receiver allows you to get TV reception within minutes of turning it on. Fixed units have less load space than portable units, but they may also cause the RV to travel higher. A fixed unit won’t blow over in high winds either, as opposed to a portable model.

It is best to have a qualified technician install your fixed satellite and wire it up to your VAST decoder. Then you will be able to access all free-to-air channels and you can even connect it to a Foxtel unit.

Can I watch TV in a tent?

If you have a reliable generator, you can set up a VAST decoder with a portable satellite dish and enjoy television in your tent or any other accommodation while camping.

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