Caravan Satellites Sunshine Coast

Caravan Satellite Dish Installation

Sick of trying to find a signal in your caravan?

Gone are the days of having to put up with poor TV signal when travelling. Our manual and automatic caravan satellite dishes solve this problem. As well as TV antenna installation, our technicians are experts in caravan satellite dish connections.

Huge Range of Caravan Satellites To Choose From

You can select from a range of portable satellite systems and accessories ideal for travelers. These satellite systems can work on the VAST Platform which provides digital television and radio services including channels for the ABC, SBS and the Australian commercial television networks.

Portable Satellite Systems come in a range of models and prices.   Consisting of a 75cm dish that can be either mounted on the draw bar of your caravan, freestanding on a foldable tripod, a foldable dish and one with its own fold-up frame that sits on the ground.  Packages come with a VAST decoder box, LNB and 3m coax cable. We do recommend having a digital satellite finder, and a demonstration on how to set up and use.

Then for those that like everything automatic there is the Sphere Automatic Satellite System.  Fully automatic simply turn the power on, press the SEARCH button and the system will deploy from its park position and locate the satellite generally within about 4 minutes.

Sphere Automated Dishes

The Sphere Automated Dish is one of the most popular automatic satellite system, for quality, reliability and simplicity of use.   It is mounted flat on top of the RV and has a low profile of only 202 mm in closed position.

Having to setup and position your caravan satellite dish every time you stop somewhere different is a thing of the past.  Sit back and enjoy the ease of having your new automatic caravan satellite dish do it for you.

Say goodbye to poor TV reception while travelling and sit back and enjoy your favorite TV show while travelling

Sick of trying to find a signal from your caravan?

Our satellites do it for you!

Pull up, lock in, turn on, and get a signal.

It’s as simple as that. Once our team has installed your new automatic caravan satellite dish, it’s ready to do all of the work for you. The process is this simple:

  • Pull up to the spot you are wanting to stay at
  • Lock in your new automatic caravan antenna
  • Turn it on
  • It will automatically search for the strongest signal in the area, and connect you to it

All of our workmanship is covered by a 12-month warranty, and we provide  quotes over the phone for all of our automatic caravan satellite installations.

How It Works

  1. Get in Touch with us here discuss your needs and get a quote for your new caravan satellite dish.
  1. Book the Job with us.
  1. We’ll complete the Job, no mess, no stress with your satellite completely ready to go and for you to enjoy

Stay connected while travelling.

If there’s a signal within range, our automatic caravan satellites will connect to it.