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TV Antenna Repair Sunshine Coast

Have you noticed a decline in your TV reception or are you losing TV signal?

If you’re looking for “TV antenna repairs near me” then look no further than Action Antennas because TV antenna repairs are our specialty. Our technicians can help fix your existing tv antenna or aerial to ensure you get the best possible tv signal possible.

Why Use Our Expert TV Antenna Repair Services 

All our technicians are fully trained and we pride ourselves on our expertise, local knowledge, and safe workmanship.

Don’t settle for poor tv reception, give us a call on 0407 934 343 for expert tv antenna repair today.

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When it comes to TV antennas on the Sunshine Coast, there’s no one better to call. 

Does your TV antenna or network need repair or an upgrade?

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Why Does My Antenna Need Repairing?

As with anything else in the world of technology, equipment is developed, improved upon, and created to make our lives easier. The world of antennas and communications is no different, with antennas being subject to corrosion due to exposure to the elements over many years and also changes in signal strengths and frequencies.

That’s why we offer expert TV antenna repairs for the Sunshine Coast region. We can help fix your existing antenna system or aerial as well as upgrade it if necessary.

If you have equipment that isn’t working as it should, is outdated, or are wanting to upgrade your infrastructure (e.g. more TV connection points, data cabling, additional Wi-Fi networks), then we can help.

What Are The Signs You Need TV Antenna Repairs

Has something stopped working? Is your TV flashing “no signal”?  Are your TV and devices not connecting to the internet?

Old or damaged TV antennas are the most common cause of poor TV reception. Although TV antennas can last for long periods of time (some up 15 years), bad weather, birds, and older technology can all play a part in weakening your TV signal. If you think your TV antenna just isn’t performing as it used to, check it for a few of these signs that it might need repairing:

  • Broken or missing parts
  • Rusted exterior
  • Wrong antenna type for your area
  • Installed in the wrong position

Moreover, simply installing new antennas to your roof without removing old ones is only likely to cause more headaches. You should only need one, primary antenna to get the best signal possible. If you do need a new tv antenna installation, our team is always available to help.

Inspect your antenna and get experienced professionals like our Action Antenna technicians to come and test it. We will diagnose the problem, and provide a professional recommendation for the solution, getting your systems back on track and performing at their maximum capacity. 

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How To Do Simple TV Antenna Repair & Maintenance

Your TV antenna is one of the most important parts of your TV setup. Without it, you would not be able to get broadcast signals, which are carried over the air. To keep your antenna in good shape, these simple maintenance steps can help you to keep your antenna going for longer and transform your TV use.

  1. Fixing trouble caused by damage

One of the most common problems with TV use is that signals can be lost and there is a poor-quality picture when it does appear. This is because your antenna has been damaged in some way and needs to be adjusted. If the damage is serious, you may need professional tv antenna repair.

2. Look for loose connections

Sometimes, the simplest explanation is the easiest one, and if you have trouble with your reception, or with the picture displayed, then you should have a look to make sure that the antenna is still in place. It is easy to loosen the cable and can really affect your viewing experience.

3. Is your TV on the wrong input?

Another thing that is easy to check without our technicians is to make sure that the TV is not on the wrong input or source. This can mean that you end up with a ‘wrong signal’ message that blocks the screen. You should examine your TV selection and the choices that you have made to see if that can solve the problem.

4. Retune your TV

We can often be asked to come out to help you retune your TV. This means that you need to adjust the transmitter that your antenna should be using. The TV needs to pick the right frequency, and you do this by having the TV tuned to that location.

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Why do you need to contact a professional?

Sometimes, you need more than just simple maintenance, and this is where Action Antennas come in. With our expert tv antenna repairs on the Sunshine Coast, we can help you to get the best reception on your antenna, so contact us today for more information, either online or by calling 0407 934 343 now.

TV Reception & Internet Upgrades

Want to get more out of your TV or Internet setup? We measure your home’s connection capability and make professional recommendations for antenna repairs or upgrades to your setup, including:

– Replacing your antenna with newer, more effective models

– Retuning your TV or smart TV

– Adding extra TV points

What Areas Do You Service For Antenna Repairs?

We provide expert TV antenna repairs for residents and businesses throughout the Sunshine Coast. This includes areas such as Maroochydore, Buderim, Currimundi, Caloundra, Coolum, Peregian, Glenview, Beerwah, Glasshouse Mountains and Nambour. For more information on our service areas, contact us online or call us on 0407 934 343.

How It Works

  1. Get in Touch with us here to discuss what is happening. Sometimes we can quote over the phone, however in some circumstances we will travel to your Sunshine Coast location to firstly inspect, and then quote based on our findings.
  1. Book the Job with us, and we’ll organise an appointment time.
  1. We’ll complete the Job, leaving your home mess free and your TV tuned and connected to other devices ready to go.