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VAST Satellites Sunshine Coast

Stay connected in remote or rural areas with VAST

What is VAST Satellite System?

The Viewer Access Satellite Television service, or VAST, is a government-funded satellite television platform that reaches parts of Australia that struggle to get a standard signal. VAST is a replacement for the old Optus Aurora system and it offers channels that have been missing from the free-to-view satellite.

Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) provides digital television and radio services to viewers in remote areas of Australia; as well as viewers who are unable to receive digital TV through their normal antenna because of issues relating to local interference, terrain or distance from the transmitter in their area.

Thanks to the Optus C1 and Optus D3 satellites, VAST provides digital television and radio services to remote gullies and black spot areas where a signal is sketchy or non-existent.

How does VAST system work?

The VAST program is a collaborative project, partly funded by the Australian Government and managed through a joint-venture between Imparja Television and Southern Cross Media.

The VAST service has channels for the ABC, SBS and the Australian commercial television networks.

We’ve been supplying the Sunshine Coast area for a very long time, and are fully aware of the areas in gullies, remote spaces, and black spots, and regularly provide VAST Satellite systems to those that need them.

Our VAST Services

At Action Antennas, we only work with the best products in the industry, and our VAST Satellite systems are no exception. Designed specifically for areas that have little or no connection to local networks, our satellites’ effectiveness has been proven over time, consistently delivering great results.

When looking at installing a VAST Satellite at any property, whether domestic or commercial, we will first inspect the site, and then make a recommendation based on the inspection to ensure that we’re installing the equipment that’s right for your property.

Not only that, but we provide quotes for your consideration, giving you all the information you need to make the best decision possible.

Installing VAST Satellite Systems

Action Antennas are experts in getting a signal to remote areas of the Sunshine Coast, and one of the best ways to make sure you get to see all your favourite shows is by installing VAST system. The combination of new tech, outstanding local knowledge, and a “no problem too big” attitude means we can often get TV reception where others can’t, and VAST makes this even simpler to achieve.

Accessing VAST Systems

You can access VAST through a VAST certified satellite receiver, a set-top box and a smart card. There’s a simple application process that you can access through the my VAST portal and of course our friendly team are always on hand to offer assistance with any part of the process.

Is it hard to get a signal in your area?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is VAST TV free?

Yes. VAST is funded by the Australian Government as well Southern Cross Media and Imparja television. This means you can access a host of your favourite channels for free, as well as a great range of radio stations.

How much does VAST TV cost?

VAST TV is free to access, but you will need to pay for the hardware and set up of your system. This varies depending on things like the size of your home and the particular specifications you need. As a rough guide, many systems cost between $300 -$600. Our team are happy to give you a quote and in many cases, this can be done over the phone and on the same day, so we’ll have you ready to watch in no time.

What channels do you get on VAST?

You’ll receive a good range of channels on VAST, including:

  • ABC1 from all states
  • ABC2 from all states
  • ABC3 from all states
  • ABC News 24 from all states
  • SBS1 from all states
  • SBS2 from all states
  • SBS HD from all states
  • Seven (SCTV)
  • 7two (Central)
  • 7mate (Central)
  • Imparja North (WIN Programming)
  • GEM
  • GO (North)
  • 10 Central (North)
  • 10 Eleven
  • ONE (Central)
  • ONE HD (Central)
  • GWN7 (WA Only)
  • WIN (WA Only)
  • Regional News Guide
  • Regional News (20 RN Channels)
  • VAST Information Channel

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Our years of experience and top-notch local knowledge mean we can often give a quote over the phone and of course, for really remote areas of the Sunshine Coast, we’ll travel out to see you. We can often give you a quote on the same day, so you can look forward to getting your VAST TV service up and running in no time. Just give us a call on 0407 934 343 or get in touch via our contact form.

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