Television Antenna With Blue Sky

The Future Of TV Antennas

The world of television has come a long way since the days of the humble ‘rabbit ears’ that we plugged in to get a signal. We have large-screen LCD, LED, OLED and plasma televisions that connect directly to the internet and our devices like computers and mobile phones.

We live in a world of streaming where our internet connection means far more than the position of our television antenna. While the old rabbit ears or rooftop satellites and antennas give households access to free to air television and pay television services like Foxtel, streaming services like Netflix are rapidly becoming the norm in Australian households.

Therefore it may come as a shock to learn that the humble antenna is making a comeback. There are various new technologies on the market today (and even more innovations coming out in the near future) that are positioning the humble antenna to become an Aussie staple once again, albeit with a few more features. Here are some of the antennas that you can expect to see in homes in the coming years.

Dedicated Home Theatre Antennas

With large-screen, high-definition televisions becoming more affordable and accessible, it is so much easier to have a home theatre system on an average budget. Throw in an affordable soundbar and a comfortable couch and you can enjoy a night that rivals a night out at the cinema.

Dedicated antennas are being released for home theatre systems that include a range of features including long-range reception for uninterrupted HD signals, built-in backlights to illuminate the wall behind the television and even solutions to make the visuals more vibrant and to help reduce eye strain.

The FLATenna

The trouble with rabbit ears was that they were unsightly. Large metal poles sticking out at awkward angles that would always need adjusting may have been practical a few decades ago, but they are more of an eyesore in the modern home.

The FLATenna is a simple, elegant device that is low profile and has an adhesive backing so it can be placed behind the television and out of sight. It includes amplification that allows you to pick up a signal from over 100 kilometres away, which makes it perfect for people in remote or regional areas as well.

The Roof Antenna That Sends a Signal to Multiple Devices

For people who are really struggling with their reception, this simple amplified antenna can be installed literally anywhere. You will get the best effect when it is installed on the roof, but it can be placed on any flat surface and will pick up signals from over 100 kilometres away.

It will also provide signals to multiple televisions making it the perfect device for high-definition, glitch and dropout-free television from all of the Australian free to air networks.

NextGen TV

The Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) is the governing body in the United States for television signals and it has released its latest standard, ATSC 3.0. The 21 cities in the USA that launched ATSC 3.0 in 2021 were able to access the highest standards of free to air television that has ever been broadcast.

This service has been dubbed NextGen TV and will allow you to access 4K, 120Hz signals delivered to your home for free. This is expected to become the international standard in the coming years which means there is more reason than ever to have a high-quality, modern digital antenna installed in your home.

The Australian variant of NextGen TV will provide a way for everyone to access the best quality television experience without the need for expensive internet packages, computers and other devices. Just a single high-tech antenna that will change the game for free to air television in this country.